Welcome to Transformations Rehabilitation ServicesA comprehensive Occupational Therapy practice serving El Paso, TX and the surrounding area.

Image of Transformations Rehabilitation Services Treatment Space

Adult Division: Treatment strategies are individually designed to develop, recover, or maintain the daily living and work skills of patients with physical, mental or psychosocial concerns. Each treatment session is specifically designed to meet the needs of each client in order to facilitate progression towards their goals. Strategies may include adapting the environment, modification of relevant activities, teaching the skill, and educating the client/family in order facilitate maximum performance of one’s activities of daily living.

Image of Transformations Rehabilitation Services Treatment Space

Pediatric Division: Our pediatric division specializes in meeting the needs of the children of our community. Our goal is to help children develop the skills and confidence necessary for successful participation in their daily roles, including play, school, and self-care. We use a play-based, child-centered approach (often referred to as Thera-play) to provide children with the “just right challenge” necessary for improving foundational skills while also improving their overall self-esteem and motivation. Each therapy session is tailored to your child’s unique interests, strengths, and challenges. We take special care to develop child-therapist rapport so that the child feels safe and is willing to participate in increasingly challenging activities. In addition, our staff works closely with family, teachers, and other professionals to gain a more comprehensive understanding of each person’s challenges.

Our Core Values

Vision Statement: At Transformations Rehabilitation Services, our vision is to be recognized, by the community we serve, as the premiere educational and rehabilitative facility; by optimizing the outpatient rehabilitation experience for both patient and family.

Core Values:As we seek to improve the quality of our patients’ lives, serve our community, and provide an exceptional environment for our employees, we are guided by seven core values:

    • Quality:  Quality is at the core of everything we do and every decision we make. We are committed to providing the highest quality care that integrates evidence-based practice and research.

    • Integrity: We serve our patients, each other and manage our business with the highest ethical standards.

    • Teamwork: We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes value, respect, courtesy and collaboration among all members of the health care team and the patients and families we serve.

    • Respect: We value everyone’s fundamental right to dignity and are sensitive to the cultural differences and the diversity of the people we serve.

    • Service: We have a culture of service that values and rewards altruism.

    • Innovation: We have a culture of innovation that encourages seeking state of the art solutions in meeting the needs of our patients, physicians and employees.

    • Stewardship: We make wise use of our resources while advancing our mission of service to the community.